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Re: John McLaughlin DVD


In a message dated 10/30/04 7:53:20, jcshirke@midway.uchicago.edu writes:

>I'd be interested in knowing if anyone has checked this DVD
>out and what their thought were on it too.

If anyone can afford it, that is. Isn't it about $185 for 3 dvds?

If it's good, what the heck! I'll start saving the pennies, nickles
and dimes I find under the couch cushions. Heheh. I'll let you know.
In the meantime, a little perspective is in order. The next time
one spends $185 at Musicians Fiend/Geetar Center (sic) or
wherever for some new gizmo consider the value of the relatively
short-lived pleasure of that stompbox to the hope/promise of
gaining the following (as related in a quote from McLaughlin's website):

"All the modes, scales and exercises you will find on these DVD's
are there to be learnt and then forgotten; since when you experience
the timeless joy and spontaneity with your musical colleagues, you
will certainly not be thinking about which scale or which chord to
play, or which time signature the piece is in. In this state all notes
are good, and you will move in your own natural way with soul
and eloquence. In short, it becomes poetry, and you are the Poet.
Your way is The Way." --JM

One could reasonably expect to pay a lot more to get say . . . expert,
hands-on instructions in how to build websites (which is a way to make
a semi-decent living for some). $185 for that would be more than
reasonable. Lessons in how to create and experience some form
of Beauty and Joy on the level we're talking about (in music) may
not be so practical . . . but to me it seems priceless (a reason FOR
living for some, a way of living for others).

It all depends on whether or not it delivers. $175 (+ $10 shipping)
would be a DAMN fine deal if it did . . . McLaughlin fan or not. Then
again I'm someone who spent 10 years (and umpteen thousands of
dollars) in college studying Fine Art. 20 years later, I'm still nearly
broke . . . but I'm happy. :-)

Best regards,

tEd kiLLiAn


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