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Re: Mellotron -

--- samba * <sambacomet@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Also if you want to use strict
> definitions digital boxes 
> don't have loops in them either,and so aren't
> loopers.

Ah, but the *sound* coming out of those digital boxes
does indeed loop; the sample is joined tail to head
for continuous replay, hopefully seamlessly. Duncan's
point is that the Mellotron doesn't loop, not simply
because the tapes aren't spliced in loops, but because
they have a finite limit (8 seconds when the tape is
new, shorter and shorter as it ages and has to be
reattached), and that the samples have a
characteristic real-life attack, decay, sustain and
release period that's done the old fashioned way, by
recording the original instrument. If you want to play
a note that's longer than that, you have to press the
key more than once. A lot of the sampled 'trons
(soundfonts, etc) miss that and don't sound or play
like a real Mellotron. Duncan's not being anal or
picking nits; there's a significant conceptual
distinction between a Mellotron and looping, whether
it be tape-based or digital.


ps: there's a shot of me playing/recording (but not
looping, alas) a Mellotron with a Rolling Rock on it
in the CD graphics of the 75 Seconds album you can
download for free at <http://www.ct-collective.com./> :)

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