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Re: Space Station Re: the finite nature of things

--- Adrian Likins <alikins@redhat.com> wrote:

> Interesting. I was under the impression that the
> innards of the all the digitech
> xp-* series were the same with the exception of
> amount of memory and the firmware on
> the rom. It's possible to burn a rom of the space
> stations firmware and get it
> to work on some of the other models. Although it
> does require additional 
> memory on some of the models.

Now THAT'S interesting! So, theoretically, one could
take a representative selection of a few of the best
patches from the whole xp-* series and create a custom
xp-whatever in one housing??? I'd keep about a quarter
to a third of the whammy/wah's, and replace the rest
with the best stuff from the 300, and fill it out with
a couple of select 'verbs and modulation effects.

Really, apart from the flimsy sheet-metal
construction, my biggest complaint with the xp series
(well, the two I have, at least) is that there's a lot
more chaff than wheat. They each have a few sounds
that I really like, but for the most part, I get
frustrated with the amount of scrolling it takes to
navigate to them. (Yes, I do know all about the 'save
six of your faves for easy access' feature, but I'd
rather just do without the crappy ones.) It's like
having a box of 64 crayola crayons and on a particular
picture you might want to use only 'blue-green' and
'lemon yellow' but in order to do so, in between the
ones you want you have to take 'cornflower' out of the
box, hold it in your hand for a second, put it back
in, pick up 'burnt sienna', replace it, grab
'magenta', stick it back in, etc... The difference
with this analogy is that at some point most of those
crayons MIGHT be usable, while many of the patches in
the xp-* series have been observed to elicit gag
responses in tests on unfortunate laboratory animals. 

I can't expect that Digitech would *know* which ones
*I* think are the crappy ones, though, as in their
target demographic there's a wide variety of tastes; I
just wish the units were a little more customizable
(and less flimsy).


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