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Re: LD interview with Mike Battle

--- Kim Flint <kflint@loopers-delight.com> wrote:

> Do you have any questions you would like to ask
> Mike? Please send them to me!

Not specific questions, per se, but some directions I
wouldn't mind seeing such an interview veer towards
would include Mike's background (as in, was/is he an
engineer first, was/is he a musician?), how the
concept was pitched (Visionary inventor/musician:
"We'll make this box with a tape recorder in it
that'll make everything echo!" Bean counter in a suit:
"Oh. That's nice. We'll sell at least a dozen of those
to sound effects men at radio stations."), initial
responses from the musical public when the product was
first introduced, how it was marketed (I'd love to see
some of the original print ads!), some candid
comments/observations/reactions/anecdotes from Mike
about, on the one hand, the evolution of technology
and how it has affected musical equipment in the
marketplace (both in terms of the perceived viability 
of existing gear and the introduction of new stuff),
and on the other, the whole concept of "vintage vibe"
and the marketability of the retro aesthetic. Whew.

Oh, and there's always the Barbara Walters "If you
could be any kind of animal..." question, and it might
be of relevance to know which brand is his preferred
single-malt. :P


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