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Re: Space Station Re: the finite nature of things

On Thu, Oct 28, 2004 at 12:00:55PM -0400, mungenast@earthlink.net wrote:
> Thanks for the 2112 info...probably easier to find than a Space Station.
> Regarding SS vs. Reverberator: While it's true that the casing is the 
> the circuit of the Space Station is apparently unstable, at least 
> to my pal Mark Sullivan, who owns 4 Space Stations, only two of which 
> Regardless, I still really want a Space Station; I'm just unwilling to 
> "vintage" prices for something that the Daddy's chain was blowing out for
> $99.99 only 2 years ago. (I wish I'd known about THAT sale!)
        Interesting. I was under the impression that the innards of the 
all the digitech
xp-* series were the same with the exception of amount of memory and the 
firmware on
the rom. It's possible to burn a rom of the space stations firmware and 
get it
to work on some of the other models. Although it does require additional 
memory on some of the models. Off hand I don't remember which. 

        The forums on guitargeek.com have a fair amount of info about
this. Unfortunately, the forum search seems broken at the moment, so
it may be hard to find. 
        I belive it was Maneco of Manecolooper fame that first
mentioned the possibility. 

        I've thought about doing it myself to pick up a spare
for my space station, since the prices seem to have doubled
since I picked mine up a couple years ago. 
> As for the Reverberator, they apparently are inconsistent, because while 
> hated yours, mine is marvelous... I a/b'd it with the 
>great-for-the-price EH
> Holy Grail, and the EH lost.  The 'verb'rator gives me the Country 
> Area/Summer'o'Love dark plate thang, plus the amusing and useful 
> setting.
        and/or tastes in reverb varies. I like the reverb on my digitech
pedalverb, but it's pretty lo-fi especially compared to studio reverbs.
> It doesn't see a lot of concert action, though, because it takes up so 
> pedalboard room and it uses that stupid "drama queen" AC wallwart, so my
> Godlyke power supply can't feed it.

        I tend to just use the line6 power supplies, since there are
easy to come by (works for the lexicon vortex as well...).  It's
possible a dc powersupply will work (much the same way the line-6
stuff works since apparently the low voltage ac gets rectified
internally) but I havent tried it myself.