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New software looper: Synchronic

For those of you with ProTools systems, here's another looper plug-in.   
Software loopers are of minimal interest to me personally, so I can't  
be bothered to summarise the chirpy marketing copy below, so here's the  
link and all the text.
Discuss among yourselves:


Make way for a whole new approach to stirring up your mix: the  
Synchronic™ plug-in for Pro Tools®. Whether in a studio environment or  
onstage, Synchronic gives you the power to substantially modify looped  
audio on the fly and, in the process, define your signature sound.

  An ideal instrument for spontaneous composition and improvisation,  
Synchronic offers performing electronic musicians and DJs the ability  
to sculpt loops and create tempo-based effects in a live setting in  
real time. With Synchronic, you can easily create rhythmic  
modifications and in-tempo effects with individual beats and beat  
subdivisions within a loop.

  Synchronic invites you to interact with its control set. With its many  
possibilities and ease-of-use, you can achieve virtually any desired  
effect or something completely unexpected. When combined with a MIDI  
controller, all of its parameters can be controlled in real time, and  
individual presets within Synchronic’s modules can be recalled simply  
by triggering a MIDI key. And multiple instances of Synchronic can run  
within the same Pro Tools LE or TDM session to meet your creative  
demands. Synchronic can even work alongside other music software  
products such as Ableton Live and Propellerhead Reason to bring a new  
breadth to your music.

  Synchronic features five main sections or modules, each of which can  
be edited, stored, and recalled through presets accessible via the  

        •       Sound Module — The Sound module can load up to twelve 
mono or stereo audio files of any bit depth and sample rate. After  
importing a file, the loop can be sliced up to play in synchronization  
with the Pro Tools MIDI Beat Clock. Any two sounds (A and B sources)  
can be played back simultaneously.

        •       Playback Module — The Playback module manipulates the 
output of the  
Sound module. Various aspects of sound playback — such as speed, order,  
duration and direction, as well as modes such as “Stab,” “Spin,” and  
“Smear” — are synchronized with the Pro Tools MIDI Beat Clock.

        •        Effect Module — This module processes the output of the 
module and can be synced to the Pro Tools MIDI Beat Clock to introduce  
any combination of four concurrent in-tempo effects: Gain, Noise,  
Filter, and Delay.

        •       XFade Module — Synchronic’s XFade (crossfade) module mixes 
the A  
and B sounds after they have been processed by the Sound, Playback and  
Effect modules. The crossfade between the A and B sounds can be  
controlled by either a Synchronic preset or through a mixer’s  
crossfader. The XFade module presets can also be synced to the Pro  
Tools MIDI Beat Clock for in-tempo crossfading.

        •       MIDI Module — Synchronic’s MIDI Module enables you to 
assign and  
trigger combinations of sounds and module presets using MIDI. You can  
also freely map MIDI controllers to Synchronic controls.
  Once audio loops are loaded into Synchronic, they can be controlled  
using Synchronic’s user interface, Pro Tools MIDI tracks, an external  
MIDI controller, a qualified Digidesign® control surface such as  
Command|8™, and/or Pro Tools plug-in automation.

  Unlike other beat and looping software products, Synchronic  
synchronizes to the Pro Tools MIDI Beat Clock directly. This  
relationship results in Synchronic playback locking to the Pro Tools  
session tempo (including tempo changes) even while you create  
modifications in the playback order, speed, and volume of individual  
beats and subdivisions of the beat (or “slices”) within a loop.  
Synchronic is fully capable of performing complex beat manipulations,  
effects, and cross-modulations while remaining tightly synced to the  
Pro Tools MIDI Beat Clock. These effects are not limited to being  
applied only to loops in their entirety but also to individual beats  
within the loop, allowing you to create complex soundscapes that are  
still tied to an underlying pulse from the MIDI Beat Clock.

  200 MB of royalty-free loops contributed by Digidesign’s Development  
Partners™ ship with Synchronic to get you going right out of the box.  
In addition to sample-rate support up to 96 kHz, SD II, WAV, and AIFF  
files are fully supported and can be easily imported.

  Synchronic is compatible with Digidesign-approved Pro Tools|HD®, HD  
Accel, MIX™ Digi 002®, Digi 002 Rack™, Mbox™, or Digi 001® systems  
running on Windows XP or Mac OS X. An iLok USB Smart Key and iLok.com  
account are required for authorization.