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RE: Review of Boss RC-20XL

 >Thanks for pointing this out.  I never heard about
 >the low quality mode on the Boomerang. Is it any good?

It really depends on your context and audio fidelity needs.  For many 
live uses, it's fine since background noise, other instruments, etc. 
cover up so much of what's going on.  And having the loop being lower 
fidelity than your live signal can help provide separation  between the 
two, which is often (yet not always) desirable.  For electric or 
acoustic guitar, I've never had a problem with the fidelity, but some 
people find it below the acceptable quality threshold.  Best to try it 
for yourself.

 >Obviously I wasn't thinking right --- yes, the loop
 >will be repeated at least once!  Storage for two loops
 >of 1 minute 30 seconds each should be enough for any
 >applications I can imagine, although this seems to be
 >right at the limit of the EDP's memory.  Presumably
 >this memory could be upgraded soon?

No--the current EDP hardware platform is maxed out at 198 seconds (16MB 
of RAM).  At the time the Echoplex was introduced (1996) that amount of 
memory would have cost about $800, and 198 seconds was an outrageous 
amount of sampling time.  Nowadays, you'll pay $40 for the same memory.

There had been some vague talk of implementing a version of the Loop 
software (which is what the Echoplex hardware runs) on the Soundart 
Chameleon platform, but as I recall it maxes out at 50 seconds of 
sampling time.


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