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Re: line splitter/mixer


it sounds like i'll be able to do what then, it's
exactly the second option you describe. basically,
what i wanted to know was if you could split the 6
channels into 3 output lines, and use the other 3
available as inputs to then feedback the outputs of
the loopers, and it looks like from your mail and from
the manual that i will be able to do so. i'm not
really bothered about the stereo issue, the edp being
mono anyway. plus, i don't think there'll be 3 tools
plugged in at all times. now, the only i will need
then would be a extra fx send/return to mangle the
loops, but that can wait...
Time to go on ebay!


 --- Travis Hartnett <tiktok@sprintmail.com> a écrit :

> The Rane is ridiculously flexible (I've used several
> in various 
> applications for years), but if I'm reading you
> right it will do what 
> you want in this case.  You send it the mono or
> stereo output from your 
> preamp, and then three of your (six) channels become
> send controls.  
> You could then either send the output from your
> three units to channel 
> inputs on a second mixer, or to the three remaining
> channels on the 
> Rane (if the units have mono output--if they're
> stereo, you need a 
> different mixer).  If you went the second route, the
> output of your 
> pre-amp and the three additional units would be
> summed back at the 
> master outputs of the Rane, which can be mono or
> stereo as desired.  If 
> you're curious, the manual for the SM26 is available
> in pdf on Rane's 
> site.
> Travis
>  >I know this has sort of been discussed recently,
> but i have a few more
>  >questions. I'm in the new process of re-wiring my
> set up, to include a
>  >pcm42. anyway, i want to be able to split the
> signal coming out of the
>  >preamp into three to feed different units, and
> then sent the signal to 
> a
>  >mixer and then to the pwer amp. i have been doing
> a bit of research 
> and it
>  >seems that the rane sm26b and the beringher
> ultralink mx882 could sort 
> me
>  >out. i'm sure people on this list have used these
> units before, so any
>  >feedback is very much appreciated. given the
> capabilities of both 
> units, i
>  >should be able to combine the channels so that i
> could have 3/4 
> outputs and
>  >3/4 inputs, so that i could do the above wiring,
> can anyone confirm 
> this? at
>  >the moment, i'm leaning more towrds the rane for
> sound quality as well 
> as
>  >the jack out/inputs rather xlr.


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