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Re: Learning in Music, etc

>L. Angulo wrote:
>>Try playing the guitar in a different tuning and you
>>are born again guitarrist!
>Works for me.

not so much for me.
I find some music pretty quickly on any instrument or tuning, and its 
interesting what comes out. the instrument itself is a great source 
of inspiration. The non-instrument (voice, body sounds) even more!
but mostly I love to just let go and get the notes I have in mind, so 
for this the instrument needs to be profoundly tuned with the player.
It great to speak a lot of languages, but you got your motherlanguage 
to develop and an accent which people hopefully like a

I think we should see licks and stuff we are used to mostly as a treasure.
There is no need to vary the language a lot, just enritch. Sure, some 
of the said exercises can help to this.
But if you feel ok to just play the same kind of stuff over and over 
again, you probably note that it ends up changing anyway...
more evolution than revolution :-)

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org