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Which Looper to Employ (was Repeater or EDP)

I have been buying lots of delay pedals since discovering this site four
years ago!  And currently have two EDPS--but here's the deal . . .
I have the opportunity to play out (gig) here in my home town of San Diego
with various musicians, usually completely unrehearsed, many times using
battery powered amps. I have found the RC-20 to be useful in these
situations, in a way no other looper in my collection can match.  No loop
windowing or feedback, tho--
Look at what KT Tunstall does with a Headrush!
Job's requirements point toward a Repeater--
I don't think anyone can go wrong with an Echoplex Digital Pro--but
Nemoguitt does quite well with a Boomerang--Stanitarium has a huge number 
loopers, but I think he usually plays out with the Lexicon PCM delay.  Rick
Walker has a Repeater and and EDP, but usually winds up using the DL-4 for
lots of his looping.
If Kaki King is using an RC-20, imagine what an EDP would do for her!
PS  When is Warren Sirota's software looper going to see the light of day?
Any reviews from his performance at Y2K4?

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From: Piers Gibbon suggested:

Just my two cents worth..

if money is tight...as a starter you might consider getting the BOSS RC20XL

for less than a quarter of the cost of EDP -

its a lot of fun..and if you upgrade later to the EDP/repeater...fine!..I
think you will still enjoy also having the portability and 
of the Boss - as a toy ; )

On Oct 25, 2004, at 6:24 pm, jondrums wrote:

> EDP:  live oriented looper, no ability to prerecord or save loops, but 
> has fantastic real time processing features.
> REPEATER: has limited live performance features, but shines in its 
> unique ability to save and recall loops (and pitch/tempo shift them).
> If I had to own only one of the two, it would be the EDP.  It fits my 
> musical personality and just does everything I could possibly want it 
> to.
> Jon
>> Dear Musicians,
>> My name is Job, I am a 29-year-old percussionist/vocalist from The 
>> Netherlands and I want to get involved in looping. I have been 
>> reading a lot of reports and reviews on the websites of loopers 
>> delight and harmony