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Re: Learning in Music, etc

last night i detuned my guitar to DADGAD and started
searching for chords that would fit Hendrixs little
wing.When i finally did the tune sounded so much more
inspiring that i am going to try to adapt the chords i
found in DADGAD back to the standard tuning because i
donīt want to spend too much time detuning my guitar
on stage.
for me is basically finding the sounds that give me
chills or add a refreshing air to what ive been
playing a long time...but yes i dont think that would
work with spanish and german;-)

> It great to speak a lot of languages, but you got
> your motherlanguage 
> to develop and an accent which people hopefully like
> a
> I think we should see licks and stuff we are used to
> mostly as a treasure.
> There is no need to vary the language a lot, just
> enritch. Sure, some 
> of the said exercises can help to this.
> But if you feel ok to just play the same kind of
> stuff over and over 
> again, you probably note that it ends up changing
> anyway...
> more evolution than revolution :-)
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>           ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org


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