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RE: Review of Boss RC-20XL

Hi Scott-

I have a question about something you say in your rc-20xl review.

You refer to both the Echoplex and the Boomerang as not having enough loop 
time. The Echoplex has 3 min 18 seconds (or twice that if you used half 
speed). The Boomerang has 1 min 27 seconds in its highest quality mode and 
4 min 16 seconds in the low quality mode (and I believe several steps in 
between). That's a lot of time for loops in any piece of music, 
that you would then be repeating it several times as it looped. I never 
people using all that time. I think it would be pretty boring for an 
audience to try and watch someone create loops that long, but maybe I'm 
understanding your goal.

So I'm curious, what is the application where you need more time than 
The only thing I can think of would be some sort of experimental sound 
installation or something like that, but from your site it doesn't look 
like this is what you do.

Do you really plan to perform with 16 minutes of loop time in a piece of 
music? If so, please, please, please do NOT invite me! I don't have that 
long of an attention span...


>         1. Like youk, I like to loop long phrases

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>Hi, I've written a review of my new RC-20XL Phrase
>I've posted the review here:

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