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RE: Review of Boss RC-20XL


        I enjoyed reading your review. I use an RC-20 and a Boomerang, 
both at the same time. Glad to hear the XL offers an undo feature - that
sure would be a nice thing to have. Have you heard whether one can upgrade
from an RC-20 to the XL model?

        My chief complaints about the RC-20 are:

        1. Like youk, I like to loop long phrases (check out some samples 
on my
website if you want - www.adrianwest.com). When I get to the end of the
first layer of the phrase, I like to to start recording the 2nd layer
immediately, without missing a beat. The RC-20 can't do that. You have to
hit the left pedal once to stop recording, and hit it again to resume
recording. How stupid is that?

        2. The foot pedals have too much travel and require too much 
making it harder to simply tap in perfect rhythm. The Boomerang makers
thought that out much better - their buttons are very sensitive and can be
tapped seamlessly as part of a normal "tapping of the foot" movement.

        3. I find the sound quality of the RC-20 to be less good than the

        But other than that I agree the RC-20 is a big bang for the buck.

Adrian West

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Hi, I've written a review of my new RC-20XL Phrase
I've posted the review here:

Feel free to look at it for your own sake, and also
I invite your comments, because I think there are some
things I'm frustrated about, maybe just due to my lack
of experience.

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under the official Loopers Delight reviews just yet,
because I'd like to continue to modify it? Thanks.

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opportunity to correct it before lots of other people
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