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Re: Review of Boss RC-20XL

Hi Kim

I can't answer for Scott obviously but as a happy rc20xl user...

The 16 mins is wonderful because you can build up to 11 different - 
much smaller loops...

without having to save them to disk or whatever

its very portable

I'm sure the Echoplex and Boomerang have plenty of recording time to do 
wonderful things with

the little rc20xl has 16mins - and that's great too!


Piers Gibbon
http://www.piersgibbon.com  |  piers@piersgibbon.com

On Oct 24, 2004, at 5:21 am, Kim Flint wrote:

> Hi Scott-
> I have a question about something you say in your rc-20xl review.
> You refer to both the Echoplex and the Boomerang as not having enough 
> loop time.