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RE: TC FireworX /G-force


     I have two Hughes and Kettner stomp boxes, the Replex and the Tube 

     The Replex is a digital reverb and tape delay simulator doing both 
single head and double
head type tape delay simulations.  Then they run it through a tube at 300 
volts to warm up the
sound.  I use it for my acoustic Ovation with piezo pickups and it has 
done an incredible job of
warming up my sound.  Probably the best improvement to my tone of anything 
I've ever tried.

     The Tube Factor is a similar idea.  A combination of digital 
overdrive and tube overdrive. 
At least I think there's a digital distortion unit in there, maybe not.  
Anyway, it has a similar
remarkable improvement in tone as the Replex.  Though it doesn't do what I 
want it to do for my
acoustic.  Probably on an electric it would do wonders.  I'll be selling 
mine soon so hit me
offlist if you are interested.

     Unlike other companies (some of which rhyme with Fhlarenger) the tube 
is not some pantywaist
addition trying to lure in the unsuspecting High School kid with promises 
of "analog warmth". 
Hughes and Kettner deliver the goods.  The problem that I've heard 
associated with the Tube Factor
is the lack of individual volume settings between the two differect types 
of distortion sound. 
This can be a problem if you're switching from one type to the other often.


> Re: TC FireworX /G-forceI understand how you feel, as I sold my pod a few
> months back and went back to using a groove tubes trio and voodlabs 
> I no longer get the 31 amp flavors but I do get better sound and feel. 
> problem is taking this stuff on the road, as it is heavy, and full of 
> so I'm considering something simple like a sansamp  stompbox that is 
> and helps to warm a direct sound up a bit. I recall hughes and ketner 
> something with a preamp tube that was similar. Have you had any 
> with these, and if so, do they make a simple one that does a decent clean
> fender sound?
> Bill

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