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digital, analog and tubes (was: FireworX/G-force)

Title: digital, analog and tubes (was: FireworX/G-force)
Betreff: RE: TC FireworX /G-force

I understand how you feel, as I sold my pod a few months back and went back to using a groove tubes trio and voodlabs cabtone. I no longer get the 31 amp flavors but I do get better sound and feel. The problem is taking this stuff on the road, as it is heavy, and full of tubes. so I'm considering something simple like a sansamp  stompbox that is analog, and helps to warm a direct sound up a bit. I recall hughes and ketner made something with a preamp tube that was similar. Have you had any experience with these, and if so, do they make a simple one that does a decent clean fender sound?

Hi Bill,

for me personally tubes are most important in the power section of a guitar amp, reacting with the speakers and the cabinet (where plain physics come into play). Preamp distortion/overdrive is very much a matter of taste and circumstance (-> your rig and your ear). I usually find that I plain like or don't pedals regardless of tube or solid state. So while I am tinkering around with my boxes and routing I try to maintain a setup that works by itself and then I can go ahead and plug into my 50W Hiwatt rig or a small tube combo, a rented Fender Twin or (arghhh!) ...... into the PA. Just having a box with a 12AX7 tube doesn't make it IMO. So maybe your amp modeller into that nice little Vox 12 watter you have might just do it, mono?

Best wishes, Andreas