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REPLEX (was: TC FireworX /G-force)

Stephen wrote:

>I have two Hughes and Kettner stomp boxes, the Replex and the Tube

>The Replex is a digital reverb and tape delay simulator doing both
single head and double
head type tape delay simulations.  Then they run it through a tube at
300 volts to warm up the
sound.  I use it for my acoustic Ovation with piezo pickups and it has
done an incredible job of
warming up my sound.  Probably the best improvement to my tone of
anything I've ever tried.


I'm interested in a few more details about your Replex, if you would
indulge me.  I also have one that I bought on a whim, and I can't figure
out if I like it or not!

Agreed about the tone difference.  I run mine with my electric guitars
in front of a Line6 Duoverb combo, and there is a nice tone difference.
However, I have read that there is a much better tone achieved if you
get rid of the cheap 'Ruby' tube that is in the unit and replace it with
a good quality one.  Have you changed the tube?

Regarding the delay.  One of the reasons I bought the delay was to get
something where I could do some knob twiddling and get some crazy
soundscape and detuned effects.  Unfortunately, I bought this unit off
Ebay, and as I did more work on it, I realized that when I turned the
delay time knob, it would start to detune as I wanted it to, but if I
turned the knob further, or too fast, it would essentially 'reset'.  The
delay trails would 'stop'...then you would hear the regeneration begin
again...I would start turning the knob again, begin to detune, and
phzzzzzip!  It would stop again!  This happens in both directions,
either speeding up or down.

I wrote to H&K, and the response I got was that yes, this is a 'feature'
of the Replex, in that it mimics tape machine behaviour, and tape
machines will do the same thing.  Does anybody know if this is true?

Now, the behaviour that I WANT...and that works perfectly...is an analog
delay, such as the Maxon AD999....ooooooh, yummy.  Now, why do I keep
buying these modeling gizmos and expecting them to act like the real

You know?  I keep asking myself that same question.

Anyway, any feedback on the behaviour of your Replex would be