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Re: Looping with other musicians

>>>  That's my main area of inquiry into the whole looping thing. 
>>>What is we're looking for as looping artists?  I've used terms 
>>>like masturbation and self aggrandizing and lumping myself into 
>>>those descriptions when I consider looping but I am an adult and 
>>>use language that may be a bit unnerving to those who are 
>>>following some kind of holy writ of looping that may unconsciously 
>>big question, really. masturbation is a good thing. aggrandizing 
>>and lumping also meet strong parts of the experience. Instant 
>>(soul/mood) mirror is still the strongest and most holy for me.
>Holy, boy I use language that I now don't care for.  Nothing is holy 
>in my mind.  When people deem something holy it becomes fixed and 
>cannot be changed.  That is what really bothers me about loops. 
>This is my job, to make a loop and change it into something that was 
>unaccounted for.  Found art.

I dont usually use the german "heilig" but "sagrado" is very comon in 
portugues and does not freeze, just value, respect. Its for things we 
consider stronger than us, impossible to understand. When the improv 
really works, they say "a saint has come". Once you get rid of the 
catholic trauma its a nice way to percieve things that cannot be 
named exactly...

>Composition is codified improvisation.  The moment carved into a 
>sculpture of time.

for me its like the documentation of a improvisation. With some luck, 
the same saint comes again when you interprete it :-)

>Manuals aside, thanks for the great unit!  I'll get what I want out 
>of it sooner or later.
>5 years ago I had two Jammans and had different ideas about what a 
>loop was.  It was easy and required not too much though just a foot 
>and some hands, not much brain.  Now, with the EDP, my brain hurts 
>because of the options and my differing thoughts about the loop.

thats really not what its suposed to do.
I personally only use Rec, Ovd, Mult, Undo, sometimes UnroundMult... 
and always FeedBack!
The rest I only grab theoretically, mainly due to my tiny memory for 
music, but also because I dont like sudden changes... so I just leave 
it for the others...
Did you study all possible chords on the guitar before you started playing 
I recommend people to learn to like the sound of 3 notes first and 
grow from there... but I am not a guitar teacher.

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org