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Re: Learning in Music, etc

>Matthias: "while the learning really comes from playing, and for this, I
>contribute with instruments and music :-)"
>Isn't this the truth! If I could only execute half the theoretical music
>and jazz theory academia in my brain, I'd be.....eh, well, a player who
>thinks too much and plays too many notes in performances? ;)

I was talking in a more general sense (remember the little cats?) as 
oposed to studying/thinking.
and playing with tools is also playing.
I dont think inspiration that comes through a strange sound through 
some machine is inferior. Why would acoustic be better?

But yes, I think its a great experience to work only with body 
sounds. You have them everywere ready. and they are full of 
expression because everybody knows them from their daily live for 
thousands of years...

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