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Y2K3 CDs

re: Y2K3 Live Looping Festival CDs

I wanted to let everyone know what a fine job Robin Haas did on the Y2K3 
double CD
on how incredibly hard he worked on it.

Having recorded the entire Y2K2 Looping Festival myself (with help from 
David Fitzpatrick and
the Cayuga Vault's Pete Coates) I can attest to the fact that recording 
three days of a multiple
artist festival is a grueling task just for the 24 hours of recording 

Factor in listening to all of the material several times; editing out each 
artists complete performance;  mailing it
to them;  getting their feedback; doing all the editing;  all the artwork; 
assembling the liner notes and instrument lists;
burning the discs; printing and affixing the artwork is just a gargantuan 
project............the equivalent of putting
out about 12 live CDs by an individual artist by my reckoning.

That being said and done,  Robin's was a labor of love and he deserves 
$30/CD in my estimation.   After
Y2K2 I swore I would never take such a task on again.

So,    I heartily endorse buying this CD:   there may not be another like 
of such scope.   In future festivals,  I will
offer artists a stereo output if they want to bring there own recording 
but I'm fairly sure I won't be recording the whole
thing..........just too much work for the gain.

Thanks a lot Robin.  The looping community owes you a big one.

yours,   Rick Walker
             (director of the Y2K_ Live Looping Festivals)