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Santa Cruz Live Looping CD Vol 2 Percussion, etc

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About: Santa Cruz Live Looping Festival -- Y2K3  CDs  (2003)
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Santa Cruz Live Looping Festival  --  Y2K3  --  Volume 2 Percussion, etc.
Performer's List:
1. Timothy Crowe
    "Skin Dance" -- Looped drum.
2. Gary Regina
    "Two Sax Swing " -- Looped two saxes played at once and one very busy mouth with prepared track.
3. Daniel Thomas
    "First Growth" -- Looped guitar, keyboard and percussion.
4. Koorosh Daryaie
    "Sitting Pretty" -- Looped percussion, guitar.
5. Steve Rice
    "Charm Trance" --  Looped percussion and guitar.
6. Andre Costodio
    "Time Spacings" -- Looped percussion.
7. Wally Schnalle
    "Bouncing Beat" -- Looped percussion, keyboard.
8. Gareth Whittock
    "Wales Song" -- Looped double guitar, voice and prepared track.
9. Steve Robertson with Rick Walker and Wally Schnalle
    "Pan American Rhythm" -- Various looped percussion instruments.
10. Phyll Smith -- Dark Muse
    "Penumbra" -- Looped percussion, tube, voice and ethereal sonic alchemy.
11. George Demarest
    "Trumpet's Run" --  Looped trumpet, with prepared track.
12. Matt Davignon
    "Those Creatures" -- Looped phonograph records
13. Jon Wagner
    "California Kalimba" -- Looped percussion and whistle.
14. Amy X Neuburg
    "Life Stepped In" -- Looped voice and sampled sounds.
15. Rick Walker and Bill Walker
    "Looper's Tribute" -- Looped percussion and guitar.
All rights to the material on this CD are held by the respective performers, and are here used by their kind permission. This edited CD compilation is copyrighted by Robin Haas 2004, and this in no way restricts the musicians from their full use of their own material. Amy X Neuburg's material is copyrighted by her and published by Spoonerism Music/BMI and is used by her permission.

U card (back) for Volume 2 Percussion, etc.

On October 10th, 11th, and 12th, 2003, about 30 live looping musicians from all around the US, and a guitarist from Wales, performed in Santa Cruz, California at one of the largest events of its kind in history: the Live Looping Festival  Y2K3. The event was organized by one of live looping's best champions and performers, Rick Walker. He has made Santa Cruz what may be considered the live looping center of the world with this annual festival.
Live looping is done by digital or analog electronic delay equipment which allows a musician or other performer to clone their sound creation on the fly, while playing live in front of an audience. This sound manipulation can be as simple as repeating a phrase, or merge into complex sound structures, or become atmospheric, rhythmic backgrounds for a solo or group musical performance. Other sound processing methods are often used with looping. The possibilities are endless...
As this "Volume Two: Percussion, etc." demonstrates, the live looping movement has no musical genre that defines or limits it. The technique crosses many musical boundaries and appears in a wide range of styles. This CD serves as a sampler of about half of the performers from the festival, 15 musical artists and their styles, including looped performances by solo percussionists, guitarists, multi-reed and brass players, a techno song artist, and other points of departure (further details included within). I feel certain you will enjoy the beautiful music and sounds as they bring some new, yet very listenable experiences to the ears and mind from the Y2K3 looping festival's many fine performances.
Inside Liner notes for volume 2: Percussion., etc.
Please see the companion volume to this CD: "Santa Cruz Live Looping Festival Y2K3 Volume One: Guitars, etc."  As this present "Percussion, etc." also includes a variety of other sound making methods, the "Guitar, etc." (Volume One) also includes tracks made with percussion and other sound making methods, as well. Variety is what the "etc." means in the title.
My website, www.santacruzcollage.com, from which these two CDs can be ordered, has more information on the included performers and how to get in touch with them. The performers may have CDs they offer or they may to want to tell you about their upcoming performances. Also, see Looper's Delight (www.loopersdelight.com) which has much on the topic of looping. Rick Walker's own website is www.looppool.info. The cover photograph of Wally Schnalle on percussion and looping equipment was taken during the looping festival by Ted Killian.
I give my appreciation to the many musicians and performers who made this project possible by their kind permission and help. And many thanks to Peter Coates of Cayuga Vault (www.cayugavault.com) where this performance took place. He was of great help in having the festival at his venue, running the audio board and accommodating my connecting to his board with my recording equipment. A Windows-based IBM clone, with four audio input channels was used to record the loop festival. Two channels were connected to the sound board and the musicians and two were used for the ceiling-mounted mikes for ambient sound. Two Lynx One cards and Cool Edit Pro were used for both the recording and editing of this project.