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Re: Y2K3 CDs and the kind words

Thank you Rick for the very kind words of support! I am happy with how the
project came out, and again, thanks for allowing me to take on the looping
festival. I went through some growth doing it and it will serve as a model
of how to do other collaborative projects with others who may not otherwise
be adequately recorded and their work preserved. I would like to work with
local poets next. Much material there, as our creative culture continually
unfolds.... Robin

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Subject: Y2K3 CDs

> re: Y2K3 Live Looping Festival CDs
> I wanted to let everyone know what a fine job Robin Haas did on the Y2K3
> double CD
> on how incredibly hard he worked on it.
> Having recorded the entire Y2K2 Looping Festival myself (with help from
> David Fitzpatrick and
> the Cayuga Vault's Pete Coates) I can attest to the fact that recording
> three days of a multiple
> artist festival is a grueling task just for the 24 hours of recording
> Factor in listening to all of the material several times; editing out 
> artists complete performance;  mailing it
> to them;  getting their feedback; doing all the editing;  all the 
> assembling the liner notes and instrument lists;
> burning the discs; printing and affixing the artwork is just a gargantuan
> project............the equivalent of putting
> out about 12 live CDs by an individual artist by my reckoning.
> That being said and done,  Robin's was a labor of love and he deserves
> $30/CD in my estimation.   After
> Y2K2 I swore I would never take such a task on again.
> So,    I heartily endorse buying this CD:   there may not be another like
> of such scope.   In future festivals,  I will
> offer artists a stereo output if they want to bring there own recording
> but I'm fairly sure I won't be recording the whole
> thing..........just too much work for the gain.
> Thanks a lot Robin.  The looping community owes you a big one.
> yours,   Rick Walker
>              (director of the Y2K_ Live Looping Festivals)