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RE: AdrenaLinn II/live looping

Title: RE: AdrenaLinn II/live looping

>>Adrenalinn I or II is awesome fun and patches can be heavily modified for
increased craziness or sublety dependent on your desires. I had a I that I
upgraded to a II it is real nice but, I got rid of it for a TC Electronics
FireworX. I didn't get rid of it because I thought the FireworX was a
replacement for it but, I found that I couldn't keep both though I wish I
could have. I will likely get another at some time in the future it makes
for a great mini (scaled down) rig.<<

I'd spend a great deal more time playing with my mk1-upgraded-to-mk2 if I didn't have quite so many other toys & so little time.

one thing that's easily forgot about the adrenalinn is that the amp/cab sims are pretty good. thus, even if you just want a stomp-box to beef up a guitar or bass (or whatever, actually), the box is already pretty good. then you've got midi-clockable delay & filter effects & a drum machine too.

as for looping with other musicians, & maintaining a slightly freer feel than would be possible with everything locked to a single pulse.... make sure you can see the tempo display on each of the boxes, & set them all the same. when the drift becomes noticeable, do something about it. or not. I frequently use my repeaters like this: select "midi" for the clock, let it lock up to the sequencers &c, then drop it into "user" at the same indicated tempo. subtle but important changes start becoming noticeable. I discovered that our guitarist has been using his jam-man unclocked for some time; he'd have his usual feed of midi clock but pull the cable out because the led was bothering him. (don't know why it has to flash in that totally useless manner- the new EH got that part right. btw, anyone else had the lid off the new EH yet? there's a space on the board for a midi in socket....)



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