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Interesting polyrhythms from MIDI synchable delays

Doug Cox wrote:

I didn't get a chance to reply to your first message asking if anyone else
does this.  I don't use a G2, but I do use a TC-Electronic G-Major, and it
has MIDI synchable delays as well.  Sounds like you've accomplished all 
I have - basically synching the EDP and the G-Major and using various
divisions on the GMaj to create interesting polyrhythms.  With longer delay
settings (whole note), the line between delay and loop gets blurred... 
is a good thing!

---->Thanks Doug and Bernhard!
I tried using the TC D2 to accomplish some of this, but it didn't sync as
well as the G2 seems to.  It occurs to me that some of this could be done
with two EDPs and changing the 8th/cycles value.  Since I have a second EDP
I might check this out too.
BTW, sending the G2 sysx while the delay is processing sound seems to
generate a certain "thunk"--this might just be a function of altering the
delay, I don't know, but it's probably not that noticeable to the audience.