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Looping with the Echoplex with the Lexicon G2 slaved to its clock

Hi Natives--
OK, first breakthrough in a while--
As the subject line reads, I am running guitar into the G2, then into the
EDP, with the clock out of the EDP driving the G2.  I want to hear from 
folks who are doing this--looks like Bernhard is one, I believe Steve 
does this too--but first my big news.
I don't have the R1 foot controller; when I bought a second hand one it
didn't seem to work right so I sent it back, so I have not been able to
control all the parameters of the G2 that I might like.  Tonight, I was 
to control the delay time ratio, using sysx generated from the unit and
stored in a sequencer, then played back during a loop frenzy.  This works
really well--the clocks are synced, so when you window, the slave changes
its time frame too.
I haven't gotten that far yet (it's time for bed), but I bet I can start to
control lots of the other G2 features now that have been less accessable to
me up til now.  I'll just dump the sysx into the PMC-10 . . .
So that's my exciting if technical and abstruse news.  What are some of you
other G2 users doing with these two units?  Does the R1 let you do this