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How is Kim long suffering and under appreciated?  He answers many 
questions about the Echoplex and takes care of people the best I can 
see.  His writing style only reflects a highly creative guy, the wrong 
kind of approach to a technical manual.  Looks to me like he has 
tremendous praise heaped on his personage.  Looks happy to me.

believe me, I appreciate the unit I have.  Don't know it yet and some 
manuals have gotten me through to the juicy parts of a unit quicker.  
Doesn't speak for the unit, just the imagination behind the manual.

The more imaginative the piece of art, technology or contrivance, the 
less apt the creator is to the mundane task of writing a "how to do" 

I'm sure he takes my displeasure with his manual it in good humor and 
realizes that he really can't write a manual.  Too much of a Beatnik.  
Me too.  I'm too much of a Bohemian to write a manual.  All manuals are 
not too much pleasure.

I loved the Festival!  I saw some stuff that I really haven't seen 
before.  Lots of freaks of sound.  Lots of beautiful designs and humor. 
  Lots of, of, of, of, of,of, of, of, "The International greeting 
between Loopers."  How ya doin'. ya, doin', ya, doin, ya, ya, ya.

One thing though, I enjoy playing with other musicians so much that I 
could never really loop for fun after a certain point.  I mean looping 
with myself is kind of like masturbation but as an artist I'm a good 
lay so I can "get off."

I had two Jammans about four years back, looped a band through them and 
made loops for mostly dancers.  My group was a free improv band called 
the Vortexans.  Electronic drums so everything could run into a board 
and it was simple to do.  Performers were pretty much entitled to play 
anything they didn't know.  Very good stuff and completely original the 
best I could tell.

We just evolved out of loops and played whole performances without 
them.   Now I am looking at them again and I don't feel as cold to them 
as I was.  Periodicity is so horribly human and a force of negative 
energy for a spontaneous person.  Time is so psychological.  I'll see 
what I can do with the things but they may go up for sale.  Don't hold 
your breath.  I am really into outside and Echoplex can collect 

Larry Cooperman
New Millennium Guitar