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Looping with other musicians

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Larry Cooperman wrote many things and one of them was:

One thing though, I enjoy playing with other musicians so much that I could
never really loop for fun after a certain point.  I mean looping with 
is kind of like masturbation but as an artist I'm a good lay so I can "get


We just evolved out of loops and played whole performances without 
them.   Now I am looking at them again and I don't feel as cold to them 
as I was.  Periodicity is so horribly human and a force of negative energy
for a spontaneous person.  Time is so psychological.  I'll see what I can 
with the things but they may go up for sale.  Don't hold your breath.  I am
really into outside and Echoplex can collect outside.

---->My $.02 . . .
Looping is a wonderful way to accumulate sound.  I haven't had much success
using looping with an ensemble.  I find the same thing with sequences--live
performances seem to be stifled by "following" a track.  If loops could
follow live performances--but they can't!  They have no cognition; they are
the past, brought into the present.  Sympathetic fellow musicians can
accommodate this; but generally this caliber of musician can play
brilliantly using a cardboard box.
I know that others use multiple delays to process their instrument in an
ensemble setting.  Mostly though it isn't looping; it's DSP.  That's
probably the ticket in ensemble playing--requiring less rhythmic accuracy
(IMHO the real killer).
Let's nobody hold our breath--let it flow!