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Home again, home again (in Oregon) after the long drive from Santa Cruz.

What can one say about such a wild and woolly weekend as the Y2K4 LoopFest?

I saw many old friends and made many new ones from around the world.

I was the lucky and pampered house guest of Mark Hamburg (and family).

I heard and saw so much wonderful music that my head wants to explode.

I experienced hope and excitement at the many new (and emerging) technologies on display.

I was the dumbstruck (and undeserving) recipient of a certificate from the Mayor of Santa Cruz.

I got to perform before what has to be the most enthusiastic (and forgiving) audience in the world.

I got to spend four days with a community of people who have come to mean a lot to me (my "tribe").

Hats off to Rick Walker, without whom it would never have happened. Alas, there's not one of you in every city.

Hats off to Rick's spouse, Chris, who supports him in this yearly madness with a smile and hard work of her own.

Hat's off to all the performers who came and inspired one another -- particularly the international ones who traveled so far.

Thank you Suanao (Japan).

Thank you Bernhard (Switzerland).

Michael Klobuchar (Pittsburgh).

Thank you everyone who attended!

Thank you Kim Flint (the long-suffering and under-appreciated)!

Without the connections made through the LD community here, none of this would be possible.

Blessings and peace be on you all.

Let's do it all again sometime.

Best regards,

tEd kiLLiAn

PS: Hey Hans! When's the next LoopStock? It's not too early to start planning.


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