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RE: still making my footpedal- help

 Wow, this is a great idea. A knob sticking out from the side of the EDP
pedal (maybe with a rubber grip?) that I can move with my feet...hmmm...if
you have any more advancements in this, let me know- I'd like to try it!

Dave Eichenberger 

> Instead of a footpedal I would like to add a knob similar to 
> the one found on the fromt panel, to the side of my homemade 
> pedal to control feedback, as I understand all i need is a 
> potentiometer of 20K or above and a plastic knob to cover the 
> end of it that pokes out of the footpedal, I then attach this 
> potentiometer to a jack a the other end and connect this to 
> the edp with  aregular cable, is this true??