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Re: *SPAM* *SPAM* still making my footpedal- help

>Hi again all of you crazy loopers
>I posted a while ago asking for help in making m own EDP foot 
>controlers, i know it was a busy time for many of you so i was not 
>suprised when i didnt get a response.
>since then i have managed to source some actual DL-4 buttons which i 
>th type I like the feel of the most and have made a metal case ro 
>rhe size I think i will need for eight buttons and a volume control.
>however I need help on  getting the resistors
>can anyone point me to a ebsite with th actual resistor values i 
>need I cant find a SINGLE website that has for instance a 1% metal 
>film resistor with a value of 14.3K ohms or indeed any of te other 

they are not that critical. use 15k
metal film is not important. 1% is recommended and usually is metal film.

>I also asked a local elecrician who said he had never even heard of 
>a 0% resistor.

neither I :-) where did you hear it?
there are 0Ohm resistors, a form of jumpers, for automatic cirquit 
mounting, but you dont need those :-)
>Instead of a footpedal I would like to add a knob similar to the one 
>found on the fromt panel, to the side of my homemade pedal to 
>control feedback, as I understand all i need is a potentiometer of 
>20K or above and a plastic knob to cover the end of it that pokes 
>out of the footpedal, I then attach this potentiometer to a jack a 
>the other end and connect this to the edp with  aregular cable, is 
>this true??

being that usually a 10k pot works better. If you are very unlucky, 
it does not go to 127 though.

>Basically I have envisioned a pedal with the usual 7 buttons but 
>this time in two rows with nice line 6 type metal buttons.
>I then thought I could add a eighth button that links to another 
>jack that will go to the overdub jack of the edp and be momentary 
>(is this possible, i.e. to have regular stomp ON stomp OFF overdub 
>throught the regular Footpeadal jack and a momentary type non 
>latching one going to the overdub jack.????)

no, sorry... the OverdubMute parameter works for both simultaneously.
through MIDI it would be possible

>Am I right in thinking that if this can be done, then this second 
>overdub switch should be a          0 Ohms  resistor and a non 
>latching switch????
>I then also wanted to add a rotary pot as a dial on the side of the 
>unit , this will be linked to another jack and cabled to the EDP 
>feedback pedal IN.

consider a slider (fader)!

>I know there is a lot of info on the looper_delight website regards 
>building, however when i go to my electronics store they ask me 
>questions that i dont know.
>for instance, some of the resistor Ohms ratings are very specific, 
>my local dealer only seems so stock "regular" near values , will 
>these work.

they will

>also the guide says that i need 1% metal film, i can get this but 
>there seems to be lots of differant ratings 0.25 , 5 etc anyonw know 
>which i need?

well, better (smaller) than 1% tollerance is always good!

>also when buying the jacks for putting the cables in, is there any 
>specifi type? there seem to be some with more arm type things then 

the most simple is enough!

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