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RE: still making my footpedal- help

Hi Phill,
There isn't actually a UK repair centre as Shane in the US takes care of
worldwide Gibson repair, but send me your address and I'll post you a
couple of sets of these resistors,

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Subject: still making my footpedal- help

Hi again all of you crazy loopers

I posted a while ago asking for help in making m own EDP foot
controlers, i 
know it was a busy time for many of you so i was not suprised when i
get a response.

since then i have managed to source some actual DL-4 buttons which i th
I like the feel of the most and have made a metal case ro rhe size I
think i 
will need for eight buttons and a volume control.

however I need help on  getting the resistors
can anyone point me to a ebsite with th actual resistor values i need I
find a SINGLE website that has for instance a 1% metal film resistor
with a 
value of 14.3K ohms or indeed any of te other values, I also asked a
elecrician who said he had never even heard of a 0% resistor.

Is there any chance I could contact the repair place for EDPs and their 
controllers  here in the uk and get them to send me one of each of the
resistor values and a couple of the jack connectors for whatever they
to charge???

Instead of a footpedal I would like to add a knob similar to the one
on the fromt panel, to the side of my homemade pedal to control
feedback, as 
I understand all i need is a potentiometer of 20K or above and a plastic

knob to cover the end of it that pokes out of the footpedal, I then
this potentiometer to a jack a the other end and connect this to the edp

with  aregular cable, is this true??

well I hope someone here can help me out. I am in a bit of a pickle as
how to move forward otherwise.

all replys greatfully recieved

Phill Wilson

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