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RE: still making my footpedal- help


as I do usually in my day-time job (consultant), I won't give you a
solution, but tell you how to come by one by yourself:

(specific resistor values)

The available values for resistors depend on the E-series for resistors.
They tell you which values are there per decade. They are called E1 (one
value per decade, namely 1) to E192 (192 values per decade). The most
commonly used is the E12 series, which gives you 10, 12, 15, 18, 22, 27, 
39, 47, 56, 68 and 82 (and tenfold multiples and divisions thereof).

(Details: http://www.logwell.com/tech/components/resistor_values.html)

The 14.3 value is contained in the E96 and E192 series; as an example for a
metal film resistor with a 1% tolerance and the availability of a E92 
take the Vishay Draloric SMA/MK series (www.vishay.com).

(0 ohm resistors)

0 ohm resistors are used when in a circuit design, different resistance
values or a shortcut should be possible in a certain position. This 
applies only for either high-volume production design (the devices putting
in the resistors can't just solder in a piece of wire as an alternative) or
very special circuit designs (high-precision or high-frequency), where the
specific properties of the resistor apart from its ohmic resistanc play a
major role.
What I do not understand is why you would need one in your application and
could not just use a piece of wire...
But if you really want one, they are special parts (i.e. not contained in
the usual resistor series), but usually available from all manufacturers.


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> Subject: still making my footpedal- help
> Hi again all of you crazy loopers
> I posted a while ago asking for help in making m own EDP foot
> controlers, i
> know it was a busy time for many of you so i was not suprised
> when i didnt
> get a response.
> since then i have managed to source some actual DL-4 buttons
> which i th type
> I like the feel of the most and have made a metal case ro rhe
> size I think i
> will need for eight buttons and a volume control.
> however I need help on  getting the resistors
> can anyone point me to a ebsite with th actual resistor
> values i need I cant
> find a SINGLE website that has for instance a 1% metal film
> resistor with a
> value of 14.3K ohms or indeed any of te other values, I also
> asked a local
> elecrician who said he had never even heard of a 0% resistor.
> Is there any chance I could contact the repair place for EDPs
> and their
> controllers  here in the uk and get them to send me one of
> each of the seven
> resistor values and a couple of the jack connectors for
> whatever they want
> to charge???
> Instead of a footpedal I would like to add a knob similar to
> the one found
> on the fromt panel, to the side of my homemade pedal to
> control feedback, as
> I understand all i need is a potentiometer of 20K or above
> and a plastic
> knob to cover the end of it that pokes out of the footpedal,
> I then attach
> this potentiometer to a jack a the other end and connect this
> to the edp
> with  aregular cable, is this true??
> well I hope someone here can help me out. I am in a bit of a
> pickle as to
> how to move forward otherwise.
> all replys greatfully recieved
> Phill Wilson
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