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Re: webcast Y2K4 / Brasil market loop sample!

thank you!

I put up the rest and changed the name of the directory:


the first two pieces also followed 3 ladies of the local circus fire 

the last (7) was over the top, I started a speed I could not hold... 
but the second part was fun anyway...

its for the first time that I am using my voice, and it works!
did not loop it yet...

Danilo Santana we had only met once in a short session, but he is 
amazingly flexible. Its important for me to play with people that 
dont ask what key we are in, dont stop when things are not quite 
defined, dont mind to fluently change key or beat when its time... I 
think even if it does not change quite perfectly, its better than 
staying the same all the way... :-)

over all its amazing how things turn out new each time... also 
because of circumstances... the main idea of this event was to sell 
art work, so we did not feel like searching for deep music.

>  >Giba and me just had our best
>>  concert so far, with Danilo Santana on Keyboards
>>  In half an hour or so, I will make sound samples available,
>Matthias, Nice stuff - thanks for sharing!  (I played a few notes on my
>keyboard along with you guys on the  5.mp3 !  Nice g minor soundbed!)
>I just saw this quote that should fit nicely:
>    Dance first. Think later. It's the natural order.
>           - Samuel Beckett


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