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Re: webcast Y2K4 / Brasil market loop sample!

On Oct 11, 2004, at 17:54, Matthias Grob wrote:
> http://matthias.grob.org/pMusic/ppSound/FeiraDasArtes

Nice clips! I enjoyed listening ;-)

> the last (7) was over the top, I started a speed I could not hold... 
> but the second part was fun anyway...

great live feel there!

> Danilo Santana we had only met once in a short session, but he is 
> amazingly flexible. Its important for me to play with people that dont 
> ask what key we are in, dont stop when things are not quite defined, 
> dont mind to fluently change key or beat when its time... I think even 
> if it does not change quite perfectly, its better than staying the 
> same all the way... :-)

He plays a very nice piano part in the late mid section of song 5! I 
like it when the underlying chord structure is just ripped away like 
you you're doing there. You did nice chromatic walking on the guitar 
behind the piano stuff. Also nice to add long guitar solo notes behind 
the piano solo. A very explosive and inspiring part of the jam IMHO!

All the best

Per Boysen
http://www.looproom.com (international)
http://www.boysen.se (Swedish site)