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RE: webcast Y2K4

Hi Matthias

Thank you for sending feedback!

After the current set I will reduce from 128 to 96kbit.

Please keep trying and let us know.


At 4:35 PM -0300 04.10.10, Matthias Grob wrote:
>I get it here, but far to slow. I hear 4 sec, wait a minute, hear 3 sec...
>its just about enough to see that it really happens, to long for 
>lovely Ricks voice and get an idea roughly what kind of music takes 
>place... like audio thumbnails you cannot click on... fun somehow - 
>but full listening would be much better :-)
>Am I the only one with this problem? I have ADSL here...
>Thank you for working it out anyway, Ben!
>and thank you for the photos, Sunao!
>and Rick for making it all happen!!
>have fun!
>          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org