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RE: effects for drums (decent drum machine hardware)


sorry for delay reply...
the yellow rack is "Tee Bee"that  bass module from Holland..
right one is 808. I modified trigger ins per sound modules.

about the setup, we have own small gig place and studio in Kobe,
then I don't need the time for set up..
sometimes we streaming web cast gig from there.

so,other little my setting is below,
and live sound is

but I don't use analog stuff for gig in outside of our studio,then I 
use Powerbook..
yes,problem is carry..
I am using Live and Reaktor mainly with samples from my analog stuff..
I will use Powerbook and iBook G4 for the Y2K4 festival.


At 8:03 PM +0200 04.9.19, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:
>for someone who sees a laptop as the centre of his live setup, you do 
>have a
>lot of very special devices in your setup...although I can't say I do
>recognize all of them. Two oldskool drum machines left in the front (is 
>right one a 808? I've never seen a real one in my life...but what is the 
>behind it). The synthesized set up accordeon-style I take to be an old 
>(MS20 ?), and then I recognize a Roland Space Echo, a Digitech RDS device,
>on top a Sherman Filterbank? and below the Space Echo? Then of course the
>super-cheap mixer, and the yellow rack device I know I've seen before but
>can't remember...
>Is your setup for live gigs set up like this? How long does it take you to
>set it up at a gig?
>       Rainer
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>>  Hi,
>>  My main gear of live gig is laptop now, but sometimes I still
>>  use analog stuff.
>>  I am loving my 808 since 1980.. and I loved the with effects..
>>  my live gig set up photo and mp3 is below,
>>  http://www.cavestudio.org/cue/live_from_far_east/flashback/200
>>  3/11_17/P1040696.JPG
>>  http://low.cavestudio.org/music/mp3/july_2003/07072003_1.mp3
>>  http://low.cavestudio.org/music/mp3/july_2003/07072003_2.mp3
>>    Thanks
>>    Sunao
>>  At 0:57 AM -0700 04.9.19, loop.pool wrote:
>>  >Rainer wrote:
>>  >
>>  >"recommend the Zoom 1201 for the vocoder, Rick? Yes, the
>>  device I got for
>>  >something like ?30 still sits in my setup next to FireworX
>>  and Eclipse...)"
>>  >
>>  >God, Rainer, I'm glad someone else loves the Zoom 1201.
>>  >
>>  >When I first bought it brand new, it had the ugliest graphics of any
>>  >piece of hardware I had ever owned
>>  >so I covered it with shiny holographic paper that I thought was cool
>>  >(and most people probably think is the
>>  >ugliest covering they have ever seen on a piece of hardware).
>>  >
>>  >  I wrote all the presets on top of the box and then put it in my
>>  >rack and realized that,
>>  >much to my chagrin (and ultimate foolishness) that you can't read
>>  >the top of a rack effect when it racked with other effects.
>>  >
>>  >I felt really stupid but it is such a cheap box that now I think of
>>  >it as my 'mystery processing box'.
>>  >I can put anything through any of the 'wierd' bank of effects and
>>  >something interesting will happen.
>>  >
>>  >Now I kind of like not knowing more than I liked being able to read
>>  >the front panel.
>>  >
>>  >Great box!!!!
>>  >
>>  >Rick