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show: Phasmatodea and Tengu, Raleigh NC, 1-2 Oct 2004

Listmembers Adrian and I will be playing as our dual Chapman Stick looping
improvisational project Phasmatodea this Friday night in Raleigh, NC. 
We're playing sets at 6pm and midnight. Several other experimental, 
electronic, and improv groups will also be playing on Friday night and 
Saturday afternoon. If you make it to the show, say hello.

I'm also playing as half of the improv duo Tengu on Saturday afternoon at 
4. I'll be looping Stick and theremin with my friend Anthony providing 

What: NC Atari and Classic Game Convention  http://www.ncacgc.com/

Where: Glitter Gallery/Father & Sons Antiques, Raleigh
        map: http://www.redlinelabs.com/ncacgc/location.htm

Steve and Adrian  Phasmatodea   http://www.phasmatodea.net/

"Phasmatodea, n.: a not-so-ambient dual/duel Chapman Stick improvisational 
soundscapes duo."