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RE: Yamaha MFC-10 MIDI controller for loop set up (was MidiMate vs All access)

>At 15:01 28/09/04, you wrote:
>>Do you know anything about the Yamaha MPC-10?  Seems like it
>will send 100
>>control changes.  That's a lot but I am suspicious.
>>I downloaded the manual at Yamaha.  It seems like it's 3 categories of
>>control messages so probably 10 that are usable for the EDP.
>I called, no
>>response yet.
>lots of features,
>but totally useless because of a delay between
>hitting the switch, and the message being sent.
>It's confirmed by Yamaha's UK tech support guy as being
>100ms !
>No good for controlling ANY looper.
>andy butler

100ms - Yikes!! That might explain some trouble I was having triggering
Live accurately a while ago when I was trying it with an MFC-10. Is there
recommended footswitch with signifigantly less delay I could try?