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RE: behringer controllerRe: EDP pedals

At 08:08 PM 2004.09.17, Lance Zechinato wrote:
>Actually, any midi controller (be it keyboard-oriented or foot controller)
>that has programmable banks and can send MIDI commands on more than one
>channel can control more than one device.

True (depending on what 'control' means), but that's beside the point.

>A midi controller is a midi
>controller, and if it's programmable and can send on more than one midi
>channel, then it's simply up to the programmer to decide what gets sent
>where by which button or key or knob.

Nope.  Most controllers have limitations on what you can send.  For 
example, the FCB1010 can only send note messages on a single channel.  
channel is set globally (this is the fault that the person you were 
responding to was talking about).  You can not program one preset to send 
note messages on channel A and have another preset send notes on channel 
B.  Not a limitation if you never send note messages or only send note 
messages on a single channel.  Forget about trying to send multiple notes 
(like a chord) in a single preset.

>I don't believe
>for a second that devices of 12 years ago had a leg up on something as
>sophisticated as this very cool controller.

If you only need to send program changes to 5 devices, control changes to 
devices and a note to 1 device, sophisticated has a different meaning than 
if you need to address more devices than any of those limits or need to 
send bank selects or require momentary switch action or want to insert 
null/no-op messages between events or can't live with global channel 
assignments or want to combine any number of messages to any number of 
devices or want more than 10 banks of presets, etc...