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RE: behringer controllerRe: EDP pedals

Actually, any midi controller (be it keyboard-oriented or foot controller)
that has programmable banks and can send MIDI commands on more than one
channel can control more than one device.  First, you would set each device
to receive on a different midi channel.  Next, to connect them all, use the
midi "in" and "thru" jacks to chain them together.  Or you could use a midi
patch bay/router (meaning midi controller's "out" to router's "in", then 
its several outs to send to your various devices ins).  I'm not sure why
anyone would suggest that it can't be done.  A midi controller is a midi
controller, and if it's programmable and can send on more than one midi
channel, then it's simply up to the programmer to decide what gets sent
where by which button or key or knob.  If I'm missing something here folks,
please correct me.  I've had years of midi programming experience, and I've
got an fcb1010 sitting in a box next to me still unopened.  I don't believe
for a second that devices of 12 years ago had a leg up on something as
sophisticated as this very cool controller.

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Subject: Re: behringer controllerRe: EDP pedals

As the new owner of a Gibson EDP and a Behringer FCB1010, it was with some
dismay that I read Jeff's comment that it could only control two devices.
I've got a Roland R-70, G-Major that I was hoping to rig it up to control 
well. I had been having so much fun playing with the EDP that I have been
putting off getting the MIDI side of things (well, to be totally honest, I
was also waiting for my "Basic MIDI" and "MIDI for the Techophobe" to 
from Amazon) I had sort of taken Behringer at their word when they say that
"you can use your FCB1010 to control ALL of your amplifiers, effects and
peripheral devices." (Users Manual) Now, I'm not sure if I did the right