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Re: behringer controllerRe: EDP pedals

On Sep 18, 2004, at 4:41, toejam00@mac.com wrote:

> As the new owner of a Gibson EDP and a Behringer FCB1010, it was with 
> some dismay that I read Jeff's comment that it could only control two 
> devices. I've got a Roland R-70, G-Major that I was hoping to rig it 
> up to control as well. I had been having so much fun playing with the 
> EDP that I have been putting off getting the MIDI side of things 
> (well, to be totally honest, I was also waiting for my "Basic MIDI" 
> and "MIDI for the Techophobe" to arrive from Amazon) I had sort of 
> taken Behringer at their word when they say that "you can use your 
> FCB1010 to control ALL of your amplifiers, effects and peripheral 
> devices." (Users Manual) Now, I'm not sure if I did the right thing.
> TJ

As always there are workarounds ;-)   On some occasions I have used my 
Behringer FCB1010 to control five devices at the same time. As long as 
devices to not react to the same note numbers or midi control messages 
you can set them to the same midi channel. As an example, in my rig 
there is always the EDP, although other devices come and go, and I have 
set it to be controlled by note numbers. Then I can have put an Akai 
filterbank on the same midi channel because the Akai only reacts to cc 
events. But the EDP has to use cc events for feedback and volume, even 
if you set to "note number control". The Akai midi mapping is fixed and 
can not be changed so I simply had to go into the EDP and set volume 
and feedback to midi control numbers that was not used by the Akai. So, 
there you have an example of a strategy. Investigate all your devices 
and see how you can define external control by midi note number or 
control change event areas that do not overlap. If you find two devices 
that can be set to not overlap they will work just fine set to the same 
midi channel.

All the best

Per Boysen