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Re: EDP pedals

--- Larry Cooperman <coop@newmillguitar.com> wrote:

> An RFX MP128 is a low profile MIDI control pedal that I have been using 
> for years now.  www.rolls.com
> You can buy directly from them. They also have an upgraded pedal with 
> the same low profile.
> The pedal is a real tank, far superior in construction to all of the 
> Berhinger type pedals.  I just sold my Berhinger yesterday to opt for 
> another RFX.
> Anyone have experience with the Electrix Repeater?

Unless you can program it, it's useless for controlling a Repeater, since 
common functions you need from a foot controller are scattered all over 
the range
of PC messages. From looking at the manual, this appears to be a VERY 
basic midi
controller, which you can't program. It also costs more then the fully
programmable FCB1010 (direct from Rolls, cheaper through Zzounds). The 
fcb1010 is
a little bit large, but it's comfortable to use for me.


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