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RE: Rolls Midi pedal

I read the pdf manual and that does seem to be the case there is another
model mpx 1288 MidiWizard that sends cc and sends on multiple Midi 
I have the older version of the DMC Ground Control which the RFX seems to 
a clone of. I still prefer to use the Midi note feature of the Behringer 
leave CC for other devices though I may eventually break down and change it
to CC from Not and use the DMC. I still only really need/want ten buttons
for the EDP mostly to use different Insert functions on the same pedal but,
I still get by fine with the EFC-7. You can actually build a scaled back
Midi Foot Controller with a Pic 16 chip look here
http://www.ucapps.de/floorboard.html and customize it to be an EDP only 

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On Sep 16, 2004, at 7:20 AM, Jason Spring wrote:

>> Hi Loopies,
>> An RFX MP128 is a low profile MIDI control pedal that I have been 
>> using for years now.  www.rolls.com You can buy directly from them. 
>> They also have an upgraded pedal with the same low profile.
> It looks like the rolls pedal only sends program changes.  No?

Looks like Yes.
> JS
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