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Re: EDP pedals

On Sep 16, 2004, at 6:58 AM, Bernhard Wagner wrote:

> That's the reason that stops me from going for the Behringer piece, 
> too.
> Actually you CAN go from parameter set to parameter set with the POEP 
> (plain
> old Echoplex pedal)!
> If you haven't configured INSERT to Halfspeed you can press INSERT 
> when in
> Reset and go up to the next higher Preset or press MUTE to go down to 
> the
> previous preset.
> B.

Hi Loopies,

An RFX MP128 is a low profile MIDI control pedal that I have been using 
for years now.  www.rolls.com
You can buy directly from them. They also have an upgraded pedal with 
the same low profile.
The pedal is a real tank, far superior in construction to all of the 
Berhinger type pedals.  I just sold my Berhinger yesterday to opt for 
another RFX.

Anyone have experience with the Electrix Repeater?

See you all at Y2K4,
Larry Cooperman
New Millennium Guitar