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RE: CD grafik software and mastering CD brand

Many professional CD manufactures provide templates in multiple graphics
program formats, so that you or a graphics designer you contract with
can develop the artwork.  In the case of my CD, the manufacturer I went
with sent me their templates for Macromedia Fireworks, which I used to
create the artwork myself - consisted of text, scanned in photos,
digital photos, colored background, etc. They guided me through the
correct formatting techniques and the end result was outstanding. I
didn't have to create pantone or film separations or anything technical.

Long story short, you don't have to be a professional graphics designer
to create a professional looking CD cover, if you keep it simple, use
the templates, and follow the manufacturer's guidelines. Many of you are
sharp enough to setup and configure your EDPs, so I'm confident you can
learn the basics of a graphics program well enough to create your own
simple CD design. It's not rocket science.

Incidentally, the manufacturer I used for my CD "Places" was Tripledisc
- http://www.tripledisc.com  I plan on using them for my next CD and my
music video DVD.


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Hi L.a.,

don't want to discourage you there, but my personal experience has been
that doing the artwork all by yourself would be like...well, like a
graphics designer doing the music all by himself. So: if you know a
designer/illustrator who owes you a favour, I believe this would be the
time to call for that favour. Have him/her at least propose a general
design concept (best based on your music) and have a look at the final
design, if you can't get him/her to do the entire work...


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> Subject: CD grafik software and mastering CD brand
> Hi Gang,
> I am geting ready to release my first loop CD and i
> want to attempt doing the artwork myself although i am
> not a grafik designer,can u recomend me a good and
> easy software(not photoshop) for this purpose?also i
> know this has been asked before but can u also let me
> know what CD brands are the best for burning the final master?
> many thanx to u all!
> L.a
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