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RE: CD grafik software and mastering CD brand

Hi L.a.,

don't want to discourage you there, but my personal experience has been 
doing the artwork all by yourself would be like...well, like a graphics
designer doing the music all by himself. So: if you know a
designer/illustrator who owes you a favour, I believe this would be the 
to call for that favour. Have him/her at least propose a general design
concept (best based on your music) and have a look at the final design, if
you can't get him/her to do the entire work...


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> Subject: CD grafik software and mastering CD brand
> Hi Gang,
> I am geting ready to release my first loop CD and i
> want to attempt doing the artwork myself although i am
> not a grafik designer,can u recomend me a good and
> easy software(not photoshop) for this purpose?also i
> know this has been asked before but can u also let me
> know what CD brands are the best for burning the final
> master?
> many thanx to u all!
> L.a
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