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Re: CD grafik software and mastering CD brand - about mastering

I would add that getting your CD professionally mastered is a step often
people overlook, but one that can really help make your music sound more
like what you buy.

Here are things you can do to prepare for the session whether you can be
present at the mastering, or not.

1) Bring along / send some music that has similar instrumentation / vibe as
yours and that you like a lot - that helps point things in the right
2) Talk to the mastering engineer about what you like and don't like in
general about some recordings - that helps establish your goals and the
communication you need to have.
3) Point out specific passages in your music that you want the mastering
engineer to be aware of or that you want him/her to treat - that helps you
get the engineer focused on what you want him/her to focus on
4) Don't be afraid to ask questions - that gets you the right to say "NO" 
something! :-)

Any good mastering studio will allow you to take something home / receive
something in the mail and then ask for changes as part of the price.

Here's an article about a mastering studio I use, and that I highly

And here's just a good article on mastering

Good luck!


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> Hi Gang,
> I am geting ready to release my first loop CD and i
> want to attempt doing the artwork myself although i am
> not a grafik designer,can u recomend me a good and
> easy software(not photoshop) for this purpose?also i
> know this has been asked before but can u also let me
> know what CD brands are the best for burning the final
> master?
> many thanx to u all!
> L.a
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