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OT: the conundrum (was Bjork's new cd MEDULLA... and looping?)

Hi all,
Jump in here if you have any input, or leave it to die quietly (it's not
terribly serious, anyway!)  The mention of Bjork's new record got me all
riled up again, and I thought I would pick your brains for some

As musicians and music lovers, how do you approach artists that you
actually 'respect' more than you 'like'?  This would be my exact
definition of an artist like Bjork.  (insert conversation to myself)
"ok, I GET that there's something different happening here, and they are
obviously an innovative and creative person.  Everyone is raving about
them, too.  But if I sit here and listen to this stuff, I think I'm
going to punch my head through the wall, because it's aggravating as

And I'm not someone who is terribly light-hearted about music.  I've
mellowed as the years go on, but there's still nothing wrong with
challenging, aggravating music taking a spin on the ol' CD player
(Stooges, Helmet, Test Department, Loop, Einsturzende Neubauten,
Coltrane, etc.  come to mind)

But there seems to be a collection of artists, for me, who I respect
very much for doing what they do, but I honestly couldn't really give a
shit about listening to their current creative output.

The list!

Sonic Youth

In my opinion (you know what they say about opinions), these bands have,
for their last few records, been on conscious attempt to get 'wierder'
and more experimental in their approach.  In theory, this is great, but
the actual product leaves me cold.  Bjork:  god....another weird video
where we're supposed to be enthralled with the exquisite video effects,
all the while worshipping the beauty(?) of that little pixie?  Blah.....
And is Thom York singing microtonal, or just can't sing in key anymore?
Let's flip a coin!
Sonic Youth:  hmmmmmm....should they have stopped at Daydream Nation? I
mean, really?
Tricky:  Maxinquaye is brilliant, In my opinion...but that's like, his
first record?  Everything since then can't be shit.....or could it?

Anyway, like I said.  If it's not worth discussing, leave it.  I know
it's all about taste.  If I don't like it, don't listen (and I do or
don't at my leisure).  But these are also artists considered the most
talented and creative in their genre.


Best regards,