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Help for a violin looper

Please help me with a live setup. I have a dream and need your experience to help me manifest it.
Here is what I think I need:
violin/viola - - clip on mic (ATM-35) - - preamp/eq - - A/B Switch - - EDP - - Delay line - - Amp.
A/B Switch cont. - - Amp.
Here is what I have:
ATM-35 (clip on mic)
Fishman preamp
LXP-5 (delay)
Fender Frontman (small amplifier)
I want to play a loop sequence with delay with a drummer and other strings, essentially a band. I need to hear the delay effect as if it was another performer because I play against it rhythmically. All other members will need to hear the loop/delay that well also, but the drummer in particular. I also want to be able to play solo without the loop or delay so I think I will need an A/B Switch.
Here are my issues and fears about using this:
Monitoring. How? In ear? Wireless? Its hard to hear delay.
A/B Switch for no FX? I don't want to solo through the FX loop.
Tweaking Mix/Direct levels in FX loop.
Do I need a better amp? Fender Frontman too small?
I have a big concern about the inflexibility performance wise of locking a group of musicians to a loop in a live context. Anyone have experience with this? I could arrange/orchestrate the pieces to use no loop/delay, but that is how they were originally conceived.
Thank you for your help, this is a long, detailed post and I appreciate your input. I am trying to prepare myself as best I can for the first rehearsal.
Matthew Pierce
22-18 42nd Street, C1
Astoria, NY  11105
718-267-2689 home
718-810-9155 cell