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Re: Help for a violin looper

Title: Re: Help for a violin looper
Hey matthew...

Nice to see you here...

What you’re describing is what I done in my everyday work for nearly seven years, i’m happy to help set you up if you’d like...  

I use either a hardware rig or a software rig, or as a ‘super-rig’  I use both.  Email me or call me...  The answers to your questions are relatively simple and straightforward, and with the exception of your amp and pickup, you’re already set to go...

Be in touch...


Todd Reynolds
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On 9/5/04 12:05 PM, "Matthew Pierce" <seedmuse@verizon.net> wrote:


Please help me with a live setup. I have a dream and need your experience to help me manifest it.

Here is what I think I need:
violin/viola - - clip on mic (ATM-35) - - preamp/eq - - A/B Switch - - EDP - - Delay line - - Amp.

A/B Switch cont. - - Amp.

Here is what I have:
ATM-35 (clip on mic)
Fishman preamp
LXP-5 (delay)
Fender Frontman (small amplifier)

I want to play a loop sequence with delay with a drummer and other strings, essentially a band. I need to hear the delay effect as if it was another performer because I play against it rhythmically. All other members will need to hear the loop/delay that well also, but the drummer in particular. I also want to be able to play solo without the loop or delay so I think I will need an A/B Switch.

Here are my issues and fears about using this:

Monitoring. How? In ear? Wireless? Its hard to hear delay.
A/B Switch for no FX? I don't want to solo through the FX loop.
Tweaking Mix/Direct levels in FX loop.
Do I need a better amp? Fender Frontman too small?

I have a big concern about the inflexibility performance wise of locking a group of musicians to a loop in a live context. Anyone have experience with this? I could arrange/orchestrate the pieces to use no loop/delay, but that is how they were originally conceived.

Thank you for your help, this is a long, detailed post and I appreciate your input. I am trying to prepare myself as best I can for the first rehearsal.


Matthew Pierce
22-18 42nd Street, C1
Astoria, NY  11105
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